Want to get a handle on your marketing?

Marketing strategy and marketing plans you can use to consistently generate leads, get more customers and increase profits

Marketing Strategy & Marketing Planning For Start Ups, Solopreneurs & Small Business Owners

 We don’t believe that good marketing is purely for big businesses, or that it should cost the earth. We work with start ups, solopreneurs and small business owners like you.

You get a straightforward marketing strategy, an action based marketing plan and support.

It’s all about aligning your marketing to your business goals so you get more leads, more customers and more profits.

The reality of being a business owner means spending a lot of time marketing your business.

And you didn’t set up a marketing business, did you?


You set up a business doing something you’re really good at.

And you’ve been trying all sorts of marketing stuff, but it’s still not getting you what you want.

Perhaps you’re just not getting enough customers?

Or maybe you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with work for a while, and then nothing.

Or you’re getting work in, but it’s not the work you want to do.

Or you’ve got work, and it’s going well, but you just can’t seem to get enough customers to feel confident enough to take that next step towards growing your business.

Anything sound familiar?

ZHR Marketing is here specifically to help you over those hurdles.

We know that marketing isn’t rocket science. We’re here to demystify it

A Marketing Strategy sounds like something that the big corporates have, not you in your small business.  But actually, the strategy is the nuts and bolts bit that underpins your business.  And if you want a marketing plan, you need to have a marketing strategy to base it on!

Our goal is to help you understand exactly what marketing to do for your business, why it’s the right marketing for you, how to go about it and how to make sure the investment gives you the right results.

It’s all about empowering you to take control of your own marketing – the strategy, the plan and the implementation. We don’t take over and run it for you.

It’s impossible to do everything yourself, so when you need specific experts, we will connect you with people who we trust, and show you how to give them the right  information so they can do the best job possible for you.


Want To Know More?

Book your complimentary FOCUS CALL to see how your marketing could get you the results you want.

We have three key approaches to helping you:

Strategy Sessions

We’ll take a deep dive into your business so we can understand it really well, and then create a bespoke marketing strategy specifically for your business. 

 The marketing strategy is backed up with a marketing plan that’s broken down into specific tasks and actions so you’ll know what to do, how to do it, when to do it and how well it’s working.

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ZHR Marketing Membership

A fabulous membership group that gives you training, experts to answer your questions, a community and loads more/

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Marketing Mentoring

An ongoing programme where we’ll mentor and support you through the delivery of your marketing, answering questions, holding you accountable to doing what needs to be done, reviewing the outcomes and helping make improvements as you continue.

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About Zoë Russell

I’m passionate about helping SMEs use marketing effectively.

It’s not about spending thousands of pounds on gimmicks, it’s about identifying what you want marketing to help you achieve for your business, and consistently taking the marketing actions that will get you there.

ZHR Marketing provides expert marketing strategy, marketing planning and marketing support for Start Ups, Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners across Rugby, Coventry, Warwickshire and The Midlands.

We always love to help, so get in touch.

Book in your twenty minute MARKETING FOCUS CALL and we’ll have a chat about the marketing challenges you’re facing, and what the best solutions might be for you.

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