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Passionate about helping you use marketing effectively

Zoë Russell

Hi…I’m Zoë, I’m passionate about helping SMEs use marketing effectively.

It’s not about spending thousands of pounds on gimmicks, it’s about identifying what you want marketing to help you achieve for your business, and consistently taking the marketing actions that will get you there.

I’ve got a Master’s degree in marketing, and have worked in marketing related roles for pretty much my entire career. I have worked for big companies and small ones, in marketing agencies and client-side, in the UK and France, and have been self-employed before.

Zoë Russell

Zoë Russell

Marketing Specialist


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I also spent 3 and a half years working in a business coaching environment which gave me an even deeper understanding of the problems that small business owners face around marketing.

I have developed these programmes specifically to build your knowledge, your abilities and your confidence to deliver cost effective, successful, results oriented marketing in your small business.

When I’m not working, I like to run, cook, drink wine and decorate – not all at the same time, usually!

I live in the town of Rugby, in Warwickshire, with my partner, Matt, and our two cats.

We always love to help, so get in touch.

Book in your twenty minute MARKETING FOCUS CALL and we’ll have a chat about the marketing challenges you’re facing, and what the best solutions might be for you.

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