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I was sad to leave ActionCOACH, my previous employer, as it provided me with such an amazing learning opportunity.

I may not have been a coach, but when you get as much exposure to coaches, seminars, conferences and workshops as I did over the past few years, there’d have to be something wrong with me not to have picked up at least a modicum of knowledge!

I’ve talked a lot on Linked In previously about what ActionCOACH has taught me about the importance of planning. And the first thing I did when I went on furlough was to create a 90 day plan for myself.

My other key learning, as much as it pains me to say it, is around the “numbers”. I am once of those who considered myself a dunce when it comes to numbers. I’m a wordsmith. I love to play with words, they’re so malleable!

You can’t argue with numbers, though.  However you feel about them, I learned how important it is to find a way of making numbers work in a way that’s meaningful for you as the business owner.

It’s particularly important with your marketing.  It’s easy to get carried away with spending money on shiny things.  But, if you’re spending £100 on your marketing, how do you know if it’s working if you haven’t crunched the numbers first? How many sales need to be made as a result of that marketing?

And what’s an acceptable return on investment for you? Do you need your £100 marketing investment to turn in to £200 or £1,000 to make it worthwhile?

If you knew exactly how much you’d get back for every £1 you spent on marketing, how would that affect the decisions you make about how much to spend in the first place?

Feel free to give me a yell to chat about making your marketing numbers work for you.

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