Everyone can pick up a pen and write. But do you have the time to write well? And do you know what to write that will make your customers act? If not, you need a copywriter.

What’s a copywriter I hear you ask? Often confused with someone who registers copyright, a copywriter is someone you interact with daily without even knowing. Someone who fills your days with words. And here’s a little secret, a copywriter’s words have been with you since you were able to read. From cereal boxes as a child to flatpack instructions in your first home. A copywriter’s words are what you read when you open the post from your bank, optician and national charities. When you flick through the pages of a brochure or the latest catalogue from your favourite brand. They’re the words you scroll through on your phone and turn the pages of in a magazine. The sentences that talk to you through your radio, catch your eye when you’re driving, that make products leap from supermarket shelves and into your trolley.

If you can’t resist an offer, chances are a copywriter wrote it. Every word considered so it teases your eyes and won’t leave your ears. And if you recognise a brand voice, they’ll be behind that too.

So how can a copywriter help your business?

As business owners and marketers, you know your products and services inside out. You know you need a strategy to sell them and a marketing plan to increase your sales. But how do you make your customer as interested as you are? How do you entice them to take notice of you and choose your brand above all others?

The answer is simple: with the help of well-crafted words.

Ten reasons to invest in professional copy:

  •  Saves you time

Good writing takes time. Hiring a copywriter can save you valuable time. They can write quickly and achieve what you need while you concentrate on your business. Swap time struggling over copy and focus it on your strategy, product development and other areas of your business that need your expertise.

  • Talks to your audience

The first question a copywriter will ask is ‘who are your writing for/talking to?’. Who is your customer? What are their pain points? How can you help them?

When you’ve identified your audience, a copywriter will help you understand where they hang out on and offline and how they want to be spoken to. When they’ve crafted copy tailored to tempt your target market, a copywriter will then write for spiders and algorithms. Copywriters understand every aspect of how words work and can help you with your SEO and the latest trends that help your copy convert to sales.

  • Translates your services

It’s hard to admit but sometimes, as a business owner or employee, you can be too close to your business to see the jargon. The words that alienate your customer and create boundaries to buying. Copywriters bring an objective eye to your campaigns. They can capture the benefits of your services and write quality content your audience will understand. In plain English. Keeping it simple.

  • Influences sales

Words have the power to persuade. Good copy can be the difference between an enquiry converting and your top line increasing. Copywriters are professional writers. They’re also marketers. But what’s more, they understand psychology and what influences a sale. Because they play to human instinct and behavioural economics.

  • Keeps your content original

One thing a copywriter won’t do is copy. Neither will they duplicate the words on a page. Hire a copywriter and they’ll create fresh, high-quality copy for your campaigns that’s original and targeted. Your business is unique – make sure you keep it that way.

  • Gives your comms variety

You’ve been told long copy is dead. And we’ll happily prove you wrong. Long and short copy all have a place in your communications. And a copywriter will know when to vary your copy. Different lengths of text have different abilities to convey your message and capture a variety of audiences. Variety is the spice of life – to a copywriter it’s the palette they paint with. They know what length of copy to use and when. What words to use to make your copy sing. With rhythm. With Pace. Copywriters compose music with your marketing. And make it memorable.

  • Injects excitement

There’s no such thing as a dull subject for a copywriter. We love a challenge and are trained to inject excitement into every subject. Whether it’s copy in the space of a postage stamp or an 80-page website, we’ll find the interesting angle your customers want to hear.

  • Talks with a trusted voice

We all know how we feel when someone’s tone changes mid conversation. It can make us feel on edge. It can seem out of character. The same is true of your marketing messages. A consistent tone of voice doesn’t just make you recognisable, it makes you memorable. And it helps your market to trust your brand voice. This can help with ROI when customers build a rapport with your brand and your voice has a reputation. Copywriters can help you create your tone of voice. They can also give you the tools you need to use it well, across all media. Guidelines and styling guides help with grammar and vocabulary, so you build a glossary of brand language to use across all your comms. Your brand voice comes to life the minute you interact with a customer. From the cookie consent on your web page through to their order confirmation and the emails you send when the goods are on their way. An established tone, when used correctly, builds trust, customer loyalty and helps with conversions.

  • Converts readers to customers

Copywriters stretch your messages far and wide – they give you mileage when you need it. They turn ideas into content to help you gain conversions and turn sentences, stories and social posts into sales. Copywriters create content that helps get your brand noticed, whether through a blog, infographic, social channels and advertising.

 Listens and learns

Last but not least, copywriters make the best listeners. To write about your business we have to get under the skin of it. To live and breathe your brand. And to do this, we listen. To you, your colleagues and your customers, so that we can write words that work for you all. Think of us as an extension to your team, a loyal insider but with an objective eye when you need it most – at the start of your campaigns.

So, if you want your words to work harder, hire a pro copywriter and save yourself, and your marketing team, valuable time.

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